Post Surgery Expectations

Several people have asked me if I will be 100% normal after all these surgeries.  GREAT QUESTION!  I actually asked Dr. L that very thing before the first surgery.  His response was “If that were not the expectation, we would not be doing this.”  I think that was doctor speak for “I sure hope so!”    I understand everyone’s case is different and everyone responds differently to treatments but I sure would have liked him to say, “Absolutely!”

It is not that I expect to run a marathon or anything, I would be happy with some pretty simple things like walking through the grocery store or going shopping without pain.  I am getting frustrated easily these days.  I am thinking that I have had surgery so I should be MUCH better.  I should not have to use this darn cane to walk.  And in reality the achy arthritis pain in my left hip is virtually gone.  However I still have three joints that do not work well and my left hip occasionally does hurt but in a different way.  It does not feel normal yet.

Here is where that patience and endurance thing comes in again……as most of you know, patience is not my best virtue but I really have no choice.  I have started this journey and now I have to finish it.

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  1. Ok I’m caught up now. I like reading your blog because as we already discussed this evening we don’t always get to catch up everyday. I subscribed and will be looking forward to more posts! Love you mom!

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