Physical Therapy

This past weekend convinced me that physical therapy is working.  My ability to shop (even though I took frequent breaks) demonstrates that my stamina and endurance are increasing.  For now I am doing pool therapy 3 times per week.  It feels great, the water is 92 degrees.  I am able to do much more in the pool than I would be able to do on land due to my other three non-replaced joints.  After my second surgery I will move to half pool and half  land.

I only have about two and a half weeks of therapy left.  Then I will have a month before surgery number two.  I need to find someplace with a WARM pool that I can continue these exercises so I do not lose the momentum I have gained.

Bicycling with the noodle…

Physical therapy is not always convenient, it is an interruption to the work day and takes time to dress/undress and drive to the pool.  However, I am hoping my efforts now will make my recovery from the second surgery easier and faster.

3 thoughts on “Physical Therapy

  1. Bravo!! Kudos and Applause!! I think you have made great strides during this whole ordeal and have NO DOUBT in my mind that you will do just as well in the next 3 rounds. We had a great time with you and Dave at dinner a couple of weeks ago and hope we could do a repeat before your next surgery. Fingers crossed. Take care.

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