Spring Weekend

Spring….it was not here fast enough for me.  It was absolutely beautiful in Lee’s Summit this weekend.  I celebrated on Saturday by going out to lunch with a friend I do not get to see very often.   Over lunch I told her I was looking for a new recliner to put on the first floor of our house so I would not have to spend so much time in my bedroom.  Right after surgery, the recliner was really the only chair that was comfortable for me.  I had thought about buying another one that matched the one I bought in December, but upon closer inspection found it would not match my brown sofa at all.  I had looked on-line but had not found anything I liked yet.   Armed with my new-found shopping confidence from last weekend, we hit a furniture store here in town and I actually found a non-rocking recliner that I liked.  It would need to be special ordered and would take about 45 days.  There are 44 days until my next surgery so this might just work.  I brought fabric samples home and think I will go back this week and order it.

On Sunday I had a delightful afternoon learning to decorate cupcakes.  Joyce is a great cake decorator, she has made several Barbie cakes for my girls when they were little and once she made my favorite cake for my birthday which is angel food with seven minute icing.    She even made her own son’s wedding cake.  I baked the cupcakes and she brought the icing.  Then she demonstrated the use of several of the pastry bag tips….I sure they have a name but I have no idea what they are called.

The master baker demonstrating the grass tip
Julie and I then practiced using the different tips.  The first were a little rough but we got better with each cupcake we decorated. 
Here are my final products….not too bad for the first time, but I am going to need to make lots of cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes, to get better.
To top off the weekend, Molly called and was going to be in town to get her nails done and wanted to know what we were doing for dinner.  She was hungry for shrimp so off to Red Lobster we went.  It was great catching up with her.  She told us that on friday evening her SDA group (Student Dietetics Association) went to the Ronald McDonald house in Kansas City and made dinner for families staying there.  She thought is was fun and they are hoping to make this a recurring event.
Hope you all had a great spring weekend also……

2 thoughts on “Spring Weekend

  1. Your cupcakes are very yummy and pretty. I will be happy to judge any of them for you.

  2. You guys look very pink… Did you all plan to match the icing? Well, anyway, it was nicing seeing you and dad this weekend, and Red Lobster was SO GOOD! Love you!!

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