New Hip and Airport Security

For Easter we will be traveling to Houston to visit Kindra, DL and granddog Percy.  I am very excited to see them and their newly renovated home and am so looking forward to some sunshine and temperatures in the 80’s.  I am getting VERY weary of the cloudy, 50 degree days we had here for what seems like months.  I thought this was spring.

 I am a little worried (a sport in which I excel) about the flying aspect of our travels.  I have never been a fan of flying.  I have flown many times, including at least 12 times to Europe, so you would think flying would not bother me.  I am not sure if my brother the research biologist has made me anxious over the germs that circulate in the air of the plane or if my control issues are to blame, probably some of both. 

 An added worry for this trip is going through security for the first time with my new hip and the cane I currently use to help me walk. 

This strange and somewhat creepy x-ray shows the ceramic ball of my new hip, but most importantly, it shows the 8 inch metal spike that was shoved gently hammered into my femur to stabilize the joint.  It also shows the metal band that was placed around the bone when it cracked while they were shoving gently hammering the spike into the femur.  Now don’t tell me this mess of metal won’t be setting off bells and whistles.

 I have no idea what to expect.  Will they take my cane away and make me wobble through the metal detector?  

Will everyone turn and look at me when my new hip passes through the detector and major sirens sound? 

What if they want to pat me down…..they better not even try to touch the area of my incision….it is still hyper sensitive and I do not even like my own clothes touching it. 

Worry, worry, worry.

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