Jack the Brave….

I love stories of courageous animals and heard a great one this past week about a dog that I have had the pleasure of meeting personally.  Say hello to Jack Daniels (son of the recently departed Whiskey). 


Jack is a full bred boxer and owned by a close friend’s son.   He is also a brother to Bella, who is owned by my daughter’s in-laws.  Jack is a cherished puppy who has been known to have a steak grilled solely for him on his birthday.  He often gets to sleep over at his grandparents house and play with their dogs.

Jack also has two sister cats, one named White Kitty and one named Grey Kitty.  Here is Grey Kitty..

 A few nights ago Jack’s owner was on the second floor of his house and heard a late night knock on his door.  He was not expecting anyone at that hour so was slow to walk down the steps and answer the door.  Before he got there, he heard the front door being kicked in.  Jack was not slow to the front door at all.  He immediately started chasing and barking at the intruders. 

Jack’s owner, upon hearing the door being kicked in, opened an upstairs window thinking he might have to make a quick escape out the second floor if someone was coming in the first floor.  Much to his relief, from the window he could see the two would be burglars running for their life after encountering the unexpected ferocity of Jack protecting his house and his person.

 Way to go Jack!!!!

 Jack’s owner called the police and then called his dad to help him fix the door.  After all was secured, Jack’s owner decided to stay with his parents for the weekend.   As they were backing out of the driveway the headlights of the truck passed over the roof of the house and they spotted Grey Kitty sitting on the roof.  It seems that Jack’s owner had forgotten to close the window during all the commotion and Grey Kitty decided to have her own little adventure that night.  She was happily surveying the world around her from her high perch as cats love to do.

 Jack’s owner ran back in the house and upstairs to the open window.  After much coaxing and a little meowing, Grey Kitty decided to come back in the house for the night.

 I am sure Jack’s owner and his parents are thrilled that Jack is such a great protector.  People usually assume their pet will protect them in an emergency although they certainly never want to really find out.   For Jack’s family at least, they can rest assured that Jack the Brave will be there to save them from harm and Grey Kitty will serve as lookout.

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