16 Days and Counting

It just dawned on me today that there are only 16 days until surgery number 2.  Of those 16 days, five will be spent working in Omaha which means May 17th  will be here very quickly. 

As I have mentioned before, I am a worrier.  My father was a worrier, my sister is a worrier and I am pretty sure one of my daughters is a worrier.  We are a contemplative bunch, imagining every scenario, predicting every possible outcome, and continuing to think about “What if’s.”   Most of the time we focus on the worst case scenarios.

 With regard to my next surgery, I pretty much know the scenarios and the probable outcomes.  Several friends have suggested that this will only add to my recovery since I now know what to expect.  Maybe so, however this also means I know what I am NOT looking forward to.

I am not looking forward to:

1.  The first time I have to get up and take a few steps after surgery.

2.  Having the bandage with the adhesive edges being pulled off (last time several sections of skin came with it).

3.  Wearing the lovely support hose that cut off circulation to the lower extremities.

4.  The first walk up the fifteen stairs to my bedroom when I come home from the hospital.

5.  Being so dependent on everyone, especially Dave, for those first few weeks after surgery.

OK, I am being a wee bit negative.  It is SOOO easy for me to do, SOOO very natural.  However, since one of the reasons I started this blog was to provide some mental therapy, I really should also list the items that I am looking forward to.  They include:

1.  Having my surgeries 50% completed.

2.  Losing the right hip pain.

3.  Being off work for three weeks (pretty desperate don’t you think?)

4.  Knowing I am closer to meeting my success criteria for these four surgeries which are:

  • Walking the 1/2 mile around our block
  • Going up and down stairs without holding on to the rail

Hold on, I am contemplating this…….

What if the surgeon breaks my femur again?  What if this hip dislocates? What if I can not get up my stairs?

Hmmm….not sure this positive thinking route is working for me.  I guess need to practice some more.

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