Two Weeks Post-Op

Physically, I am doing very well at the two week post-surgery point.   I am definitely standing and walking better than I was this time after the first surgery.  I am going up and down the stairs once per day.  Sleeping is better also, almost too good.

After the first surgery I had a very hard time sleeping on my back for any length of time.  The first night home from surgery #2, I was able to lay in bed for 6 hours.  However, since I can only lay on my back right now, I literally did not move a muscle for 6 hours.  That meant when I was ready to get up, every muscle in my body felt frozen.  It took Dave and I both to get me up and in a sitting position.  It is much better now, but that first night was hard.  I am still only sleeping in bed for about half the night and then sleeping in my recliner for the other half.

Mentally, I am not doing that well.  This three day weekend has been hard for me which is crazy because it was not that long ago I would have killed for three days of doing nothing.  But add those three days to the week and one-half prior of doing nothing and you have two weeks of doing NOTHING.

I guess it is because I am feeling pretty good that I am bored to death.  TV does not interest me and I do not have enough patience to read a book.  Everyone else I know is out having fun, cooking out, shopping and/or visiting with family and friends.  All the things I want to do.  I am just here, so tired of sitting in this recliner, but not able to do much else.

My sister came to visit both yesterday and today.  If it were not for her I would have pulled my hair out.  We sent Dave out on his motorcycle both times she was here just so he could get out of the house.  He is being so patience with me and with my attitude.

The week ahead should be better.  On Tuesday, K ayla is coming over to hang out.  On Wednesday,   I go to the doctor to get my staples out and a few friends are bringing lunch over.  On Thursday and Friday I will probably work half days.

A few months from now when I am back in the swing of things, working too much and complaining that I do not have enough time for myself,  please remind me of these two weeks when all I had was time to myself and how much I enjoyed that!


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