Three weeks post-op

It is 2:23 am and I can not sleep.  It has been a difficult week.  A few days after I came home from the hospital, Dave came down with a nasty upper respiratory illness that hung on for a week.  There is no doubt in my mind he picked it up in the hospital.  As much as he tried to keep it to himself, the virus did not co-operate and by the second week I also had it.  To make matters worse, I am also fighting a bacterial infection that I picked up in the hospital.  The first round of antibiotics did not work so I am on my second round.  Fighting both of these while trying to recover from major surgery has resulted in one tired person.  I am convinced hospitals can kill you.

An infection is not a good thing to have after joint replacement surgery.  If bacteria attaches to the implant itself, it is almost impossible to fight.  In many cases the implant must be removed.  I know someone who had this happen after a knee replacement.  They had to remove the implant and put in a spacer.  For six weeks he could put no weight on the joint.  Eventually they did another surgery to put in a new implant.  He is doing great now, but that is after three surgeries and months and months of recovery. 

I do have some good news though, three weeks after surgery my new hip is doing really well.  Every day I am making huge strides in my physical therapy.  I have very little pain and this past weekend I promoted myself from the walker to a cane.  That is almost two weeks earlier than surgery #1.  I attribute this faster recovery to the fact that I do not have a broken femur this time and that I have another good hip thanks to my first surgery.

However, my lack of patience is roaring its ugly head again.  I am feeling like a prisoner in my house.  My first recovery was in the dead of winter and the cold weather and snow did not invite me outside like the sunshine I have been seeing lately.   I do not remember feeling as captive up as I do now. 

My goal for this week is to improve my walking with the cane.  I am still taking baby steps and not feeling very confident yet.  I am hoping I can go out to dinner this weekend.  I think that will improve my spirits tremendously. 

Now,  if I could only go to sleep………

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  1. Hi, cousin, I have been reading about you, and totally admire your strength in dealing with your surgeries, etc. Just wanted to let you know there is someone else out there who is thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery! Love ya, cousin Sandra

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