Birthday Season

It is Birthday Season in our household.  All three girls celebrate their birthdays within 33 days of each other.  Our oldest celebrated her birthday 8 days ago but unfortunately we were only able to celebrate with her on a long distance basis.  She is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I am very excited to see her.

Today is our baby’s 20th birthday.  I have no idea how twenty years could have passed since we were driving on I-470 to St. Joseph hospital with Kindra and Kayla in the back seat discussing what we would name this new addition to our family.  I remember it like it was last week.  We decided on Molly if it were a girl and Spencer if it were a boy.

In about three weeks we will celebrate Kayla’s birthday, about a week before she finishes her Master’s degree in Accounting and starts her transition from student into the working world.


I am so proud of my three daughters and the beautiful woman they have become.  I remember thinking before I had any of them what it would be like to raise a son or daughter.  What would they look like?  What would their voice sound like?  What kind of relationship would I have with them?

I could not have imagined……

  •   How much I have laughed or how many tears of joy I have shed.
  •   How many times my heart was broken for them or how often I was bursting with pride.
  •   How many soccer games, dance recitals, band concerts, swim meets, football games, and academic award ceremonies I would attend.
  •   How many prom dresses, hair appointments, and manicures I would pay for.
  •   How many times I would move them in and out of dorm rooms and apartments
  •   How blessed I have been in the last twenty-seven years.

 Happy Birthday Girls!!!

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