Lazy Days of Summer???

I have been neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks, not because I choose to do this, but because there is not enough hours in the day.  I would LOVE to spend each of my days writing on this blog, practicing my photography, cooking or decorating my house.  These items always tend to fall at the bottom of the TO-DO list since they are mostly done during “ME” time.   I am not saying I have not been having fun because that is far from the truth,  I just have not had any “ME” time.

This is what I have been doing…..

  • Taking a one day trip to Omaha to attend a Users Group Meeting for the software I support at work.  This trip was longer than usual due to the flooding.  Our normal three hour one way trip has turned into a four hour one way trip due to the detours.  This made for one very long day.  The picture below is I-29 below water near the Iowa border. (Obviously I did not take this photo)

  •  Traveled to Arkansas with a group of friends….but I already told you about that.
  • Worrying about Molly – she went on her second float trip of the summer.  I remember doing that….that is why I worry!  Kidding aside, the air conditioning in her apartment has gone out twice  in the last couple of weeks.  These are dangerous temperatures for not having air conditioning.   Molly is taking a fun class this summer (at least fun from my perspective).  It is a food preparation class and they have been cooking every day.  One day she walked back to her apartment with a cake in each hand.  I am thinking her roommate is liking this class also.  She even took a field trip to the Shatto Milk farm and got to milk a cow.  She said that they do tours by appointment and it was a really fun place to visit.  I am putting this on my bucket list.
  • Back to Omaha for another four days to work in the office.  For some reason my boss likes to see my face.    On Friday, the day we were to leave to come home, I worked from 6:50 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. before getting in the car for the four hour drive home.  Needless to say, my bed felt SOOOOO good that night.
  • Picked Kindra up at the airport for her bi-monthly work trip to Kansas City.  A few times her work trips to KC have been at the same time as our work trips to Omaha.  However, this time we were all here at the same time and it has been great visiting with her.  Bonus visitors were DL and Percy.  DL was actually in the house less than 6 hours.  He was on his way to hike in Colorado for a week with his Dad and a group of friends and  stopped by to drop off  Percy, our granddog.  She is staying with us for the rest of the week until he returns in a few days.  She is such a sweet dog.  Cleo is not at all happy about the situation.

  • Celebrated the last birthday of “Birthday Season.”   Kayla ventured out to celebrate her birthday with us even though she is in serious study mode these days.  She is finishing her last few days of class for the summer semester and will be complete with her Master’s degree in Accounting on July 28, less than a week away.  On top of that, she is studying for the CPA exam and takes the first test on Aug 3rd.  I am so proud of her…she is so dedicated and such as hard worker.  It was such a rare opportunity to have all three of my girls in the same place at the same time.  As usual, all three girls talk at one time and I try very hard to keep up with all the different conversations.  I so miss having them all together.
  • Keeping up with Physical Therapy – at the last visit with my Ortho doc, he suggested another four weeks of PT because he does not like my gait.  I hear that from the Physical Therapist all the time.  I keep telling them I have walked like this for 10 years and until my knees are fixed I am guessing I will continue walking like this.  Oh well,  I am sure the PT is doing some good.  I am alternating between land and water.  The water PT is SO much easier on my knees but they say the land PT will make me stronger which will benefit me when I have my knees done.  Not even thinking about that yet!

I am looking forward to some R&R this weekend although already have a birthday party, dinner out and the Harry Potter movie scheduled.  Maybe I will be able to work in a little “ME” time also.

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