The only way to cook in this heat is on the grill, outside of the house.   Anything else is just unbearable.  I stopped by the farmers market on my way to physical therapy Wednesday and picked up another pint of Heirloom tomatoes, along with regular tomatoes, jalapenos, a green pepper and some corn.

For dinner tonight Dave grilled some chicken quarters (.39 cents a pound at Hyvee this week if you buy 10 pounds, normally .89 cents a pound).  I also decided to make the Heirloom Tomato and Green Olive Brushetta that I have mentioned  before (the link will take you to the recipe).   If you have not tried it yet, you must.  It is so easy to make and it taste really, really good.  This time I remembered to take a few pictures before I started eating.

We also grilled the corn on the cob.  It did not look as pretty as you would purchase in the store, but it was still VERY good.

This heat does not seem to bother Cleo too much, she has been spending hours basking in the sun or standing guard watching my hostas die a slow painful death.  Of course my lack of watering has played a small factor in this event.

And now for all my bar-b-que loving friends, a news story you might enjoy……


  Ranchers in southern states hit by sweltering heat are selling fully cooked barbeque right from the field.

“We let the customer choose the cattle, we hose it down with sauce and send it out into the field.  Within twenty minutes the barbeque is piping hot and ready to eat, ” said a Texas rancher.

Barbecue restaurants are crying foul over the direct sales of the product to the public.

“This damn heat wave is killing our business.  We can’t compete with the lower overhead of the rancher when we provide our customers with a table, chairs and fan as well as fly swatters,” said waitress Flo Moore of the Greasy Fat Dripping Spoon restaurant in Amarillo.

Taken directly from the most reliable news source, the internet.

Keep cool friends…

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