Twenty-nine years ago today….

I remember the day very well.  It was VERY hot outside, a typical August day.  I remember I had an appointment for a manicure and when I arrived they told me the technician did not show up for work that day and they would try and work me in with someone else.  I remember my brother being especially annoying, following me around with a camera all day.  I remember the only job my then future mother-in-law was assigned to all day was to unlock a certain building at a certain time.  Forty five minutes later I had to call her, which back then meant driving to a pay phone, and asking her if she could come unlock the building.  I remember being stressed and rushed for the next hour after that.  I remember my family being all dressed up and looking fantastic.

I remember the dress I wore that day which I had spent months picking out.

I remember eating cake, drinking champagne and dancing.

Oh yeah, I think I even remember getting married that day.

Last night, in celebration of that day twenty nine years ago, Dave and I went out for a wonderful dinner at Lydia’s and even had a special dessert made just for us.

Twenty nine years ago today, Dave and I left for Paradise Island in the Bahamas where we spent a great week in the sun on the white sandy beaches sipping fruity drinks.  Today on our twenty-ninth anniversary, Dave left with five other guys on his Harley for a week in Sturgis, South Dakota.


Have a safe trip Dave and Happy Anniversary!

6 thoughts on “Twenty-nine years ago today….

  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember a lot from that day too! I remember all the girls getting ready in the same room…I remember your friend Becky walking around flapping her arms like a chicken to “dry her deodorant”….I remember standing in the lobby waiting to walk down the aisle….I remember walking down the aisle….I remember absolutely nothing about the actual wedding (sorry), but I do remember dancing with my new uncle Dave and my daddy!
    I also remember sitting in your basement watching you open all of your gifts after you guys got home…I also remember playing spoons??? What was that all about? 🙂
    Your last sentence about leaving for your honeymoon and Dave leaving for Sturgis made me laugh out loud! 🙂

    1. That is so funny you remember that about Becky. That would be so like her. The spoons thing, well all I can say to that is….well…..I really can’t think of anything to say. We were just a fun bunch 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary, Theresa & Dave!! Great pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them. I hope that Dave has a safe trip to Sturgis.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You two are cute! And I am glad he took you out to dinner before he left!! Love you two!

  4. Thanks Molly….we love you also. Can you believe we were ever that young? we were just a year older than Kayla and Dylan are now.

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