I have about 30 days to decide if I will have my knee replacement surgeries in the next year or not.  Of course I can always change my mind, but we have to sign up for our 2012 benefits and I need to plan for the medical reimbursement account.

You would think it would be an easy decision considering how great I am doing with my new hips, but I have never made an easy decision in my life.  I over analyze, worry and then analyze some more.  Somebody just tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual I will go through the list of pros and cons a few thousand times before deciding.

The PRO’s:

The knee pain will eventually be gone.

I will have very few limitations to what I can do.

I can stop defining my life by the surgery I am going to have or recovering from.


The CON’s:

I will have to take two 6-8 week time-outs from this new mobile life I am enjoying to recover from surgeries.

I will have to take two 6-8 week time-outs from this new mobile life I am enjoying to recover from surgeries.  (This is such an unpleasant thought it counts for two CON’s!)

Surgery is always risky; blood clots and infection.

What would you do????

6 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. If you knees are bothering you to the point where you are unable to do things you want to do, then I recommend scheduling the surgery, so you have more time to enjoy even more mobility. If you aren’t stopped by your knees at this point, then I recommend waiting until you get to that point. Hope that helps. Whatever decision you make, you’ll be fine and will be surrounded by friends and family you love and support you!

  2. You should just do them both. Two 6-8 weeks of recovery is nothing compared to how even more mobile you will be after them and how much more you can do!

  3. OK, here goes & remember you asked me. I think you should go for it, but then again it is not me enduring the pain. Remember though, that it does get better & the reward will be a “new you”.

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