Congratulations Kayla!!!

The first order of business today is bragging on my middle child who just found out she has passed all parts of the CPA exam, plus the required Ethics exam, on her first try!  Way to go girl!

No more studying for school,

or for the CPA exam,

or dressing Dakota up because you are so bored………

now only work, work, work,

but at least it comes with a paycheck!!

Congratulations Kayla!!


  1. Julie Zvacek says:

    YEA!!!! My congratulations to Kayla. I knew she could do it all along though. Now it is time to celebrate.

  2. Yes, congratulations! First time through? That’s amazing!

  3. Thanks mom!!!!

  4. lori werth says:

    Looks like we have something to have a party for now!!!! So proud of her. She put a lot of hard work into this and now she can relax and enjoy her new job!

  5. Wow! You should be very proud! That is quite an accomplishment!!

  6. yayyyy

  7. Very Impressive! Great job Kayla! Mom, you should be very proud…that’s awesome!

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