What is wrong with this picture???

Besides a gnarled wrinkled hand that looks like it is missing fingers…..how about a solitaire engagement ring with the diamond missing!  I looked down the other day and saw the diamond was missing from my engagement ring that I have worn for 29 years.  Upon closer inspection I saw that one of the prongs was broken.  Who knows where or when it happened.  I have been walking around my house looking on the floor but so far I have found nothing.  It was not a big diamond, in fact pretty small compared to the large rocks my married daughters have on their fingers, but it makes me very sad that it has been lost.

I had actually discussed getting a different setting for our thirtieth wedding anniversary this year but I certainly did not think I would be doing it for this reason.  So the dilemma is this, should we get a solitaire diamond to replace the one I lost and just have it put back into the original setting.  OR……should I take this opportunity to replace the whole thing and grow the diamond a little?????

Dave is not sure I am responsible enough to get anything bigger…….but I can probably talk him into it!  What would you do?

7 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture???

  1. If you are responsible enough to raise 3 wonderful children, you are responsible enough for a big, new ring. Besides, I think anytime diamonds are concerned, you should always go big!! 🙂

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