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The room I currently use as my office was originally my youngest daughter’s bedroom.  Once daughter number one moved out we had a reshuffling of rooms and for the past several years this room was a guest room.  Since no one was living in here permanently the small (very small) walk in closet became the catch all for anything anyone else did not want in their own closet.  I recently decided to purge this closet of its contents and use it to organize all my sewing/crafting supplies.    Here is what the closet looked liked before I started the clean out.

Here is what I took out.

18 prom/dance dresses – I am not exaggerating here, there really were 18 dance dresses, some long, some short.  The sad part is that I know this is not the extent of all the dance dresses I purchased over the years.  The life of having three daughters!

2 graduation robes

1 dance costume

2 long black choir/orchestra dresses

3 nice knee length dresses

3 winter jackets

1 set of winter scarf and gloves(with the tags still on)

3 pair of strappy sandals

1 pair flip flops

1 computer/monitor/external speakers and assorted cords

3 folding chairs

2 rolls of pink wrapping paper

1 large teddy bear

Also in the closet were several empty picture frames, my sewing machine and a bag of batting, all of which stayed.   I am now on a mission to collect all my supplies which are scattered from the back corners of the basement storage area to the attic storage area off of our bedroom.   I know I have things I have totally forgotten about…..kind of like those 18 dance dresses.    I cannot wait to have them all in one place…..I am hoping it will inspire me to start quilting again.  Not sure when I will have the time for that, but it sounds like it would be fun!  I will keep you posted on the closet organization project.   By the way, anyone need a fancy dress?

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  1. Over the holidays, I was able to get Katie to part with 4 of the dance dresses in our closet. Not all, but we are making headway. Woods Chapel Methodist Church will take donations of dresses, evening bags & shoes year round. They will give a tax receipt & then the dresses, etc. are given to local girls during Prom season who cannot afford to buy them. The girls are selected by the school’s guidance counselors & notified of the days to come shop. There are women of the church who assist the girls as they shop & send them home with nicely ironed dresses to wear to the Prom.

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