MCP Project 12

One of my goals for 2012 is to grow my photography skills.  In an effort to put some structure into that goal,  I am taking a few classes, reading several books and I have also signed up for MCP Project 12.  This project is an on-line creation of MCP Actions and allows aspiring photographers an opportunity to improve their skills based on monthly assignments.  Each month MCP will post a theme and the participants will have a month to interpret and take photos to illustrate the theme.   This month’s theme is RESOLUTION.  That could mean a New Year’s resolution, or the resolution of a picture or many other things.

For me, RESOLUTION is related to my goals for the year.   I have developed some pretty lofty personal goals for 2012 and although I am not brave enough to specifically share those with the world (I know my track record in that area) I will share an overarching premise for those goals and that is to BELIEVE.

I believe I can achieve those goals by being mindful and put forth effort every day towards them.

I believe the quality of my life will be enriched by achieving those goals.

It is a little intimidating knowing my photographs will be looked at by others who know so much more about photography than I do, but I guess I need to start somewhere.  If you are also interested in growing your photography skills this year or just want to have some fun, check out the MCP site here and sign up for the project.

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  1. Theresa, you’re becoming too productive. You need to watch more TV. There are lots of ‘Antique Roadshow’ reruns for example.

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