National Resident Match Day

Eight years ago when my daughter was a sophomore in high school, she brought home a boy.  She told us that boy wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

Two years ago that boy married my daughter.

After many years in school, that boy will be graduating in two short months.

The University of Missouri – Kansas City medical school holds a ceremony every year which almost eclipses the excitement of graduation.  Across the country all medical school soon-to-be graduates find out on the same day where they will be doing their residency and thus where they will spend the next few years of their life.  Although the students get to rank the specialty and program they prefer, the match does not always provide them with their first choice.  That also could mean they have to move to a city far from home.

Today is National Resident Match Day.  For many years we have been thinking about this day, wondering what it  would mean for Dylan and Kayla.

Dylan had a difficult time choosing a specialty because each new rotation he participated in, whether it was pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery or cardiology, was his new favorite.  Most of his advisors (also doctors) tried to steer him towards internal medicine or family practice because of his gift of relating to his patients.   Dylan is a kind and gentle soul, it is fairly obvious that the field of medicine in general  is where he was meant to be.

After a dramatic and stressful week, today we are celebrating the news that the soon-to-be Dr. Werth will be staying right here in Kansas City (YEAH) and will be a Family Medicine resident at Truman – Lakewood hospital.

Congratulations Dylan, you are going to be a wonderful doctor!!!!!  We are so proud of you!

3 thoughts on “National Resident Match Day

  1. Congratulations to Dylan! We are so very proud of you & excited to see what this new chapter in your life holds. We both know you will be a wonderful doctor. You have such a peaceful, calm & pleasant nature about you.
    Congratulations to Kayla too. I know that you have played an important role in all of this too along with all of the Werths & Guetlichs. Now all of you can take a breath & enjoy graduation.

  2. We just want to say thank you so much for being wonderful in-laws to Dylan and supporting him through all of med school. I know he looks at you both as another set of parents and treasures your love and support. We were so glad you were there today and also Grandma Marilyn.

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