Happy Graduation Kindra!!

My oldest daughter is graduating this weekend in Houston with her MBA and her proud Mom is not going to be with her.  She will have her husband, her mother and father-in-law, and her grandmother celebrating with her, but she will not have her mom who is her biggest fan.

It just seems like just a short while ago I was sending her off to kindergarten.

Now she is all grown up with a husband, a job and a house of her own.  Kindra is an amazing woman;  a wife to Dave,

A Mom to Percy

A sister to Kayla and Molly

A writer, editor and marketing specialist extraordinaire,

A Bike rider

An  MU Alum

And now an alum of the University of Houston!

Happy Graduation Kindra!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Graduation Kindra!!

  1. Thanks, Mom! I know you’ll be with me at my graduation today in spirit. I love you!

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