#7 Visit Colorado in the Summer

I have never taken two vacations in two months, but I think I could easily get use to this lifestyle.   Last month was Destin, Florida and this month is Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Fortunately Steamboat is not close to any of the fires currently burning in Colorado so our vacation is proceeding as planned.

Steamboat Springs is a major winter ski destination and has actually produced more Olympic skiers than any other town in the United States.  Summer in Steamboat is a total blast.  For one thing, most of the lodging is 40-60% less than the winter rate.  To say our condo is nice is a total understatement.  Howelsen Place is an old building that was renovated about two years ago with condos on the second level and retail shops on the street level.  Here is a tour of our home for the week.

I loved that our condo was right in the middle of downtown making it so easy to stroll around the many galleries and stores.

Before we left home I had noticed that one of the downtown galleries was featuring a photography exhibit “A 50-Year Photography Retrospective” of Rod Hanna.  Since I am a little obsessed with anything photography related these days I definitely wanted to check this out.  When we entered the gallery we were greeted by a gallery docent who told us a little about the artist and much to our surprise mentioned that Rod Hanna was from Kansas City.  Additionally, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Mr. Hanna was the official photographer of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Having a Kansas City connection to this amazing photographer was such a thrill.   I was totally in awe as I roamed the gallery looking at pictures of the beautiful Colorado landscape, documentary pictures taken when he was a newspaper photographer, pictures of the Chiefs during their Super Bowl win and even pictures of John Elway taken when he was the official photographer of the Denver Broncos.

To see Rod Hanna’s extraordinary photography, click here.  Next time I will be sharing some of the awesome activities available in the summer at Steamboat.  Until then I will be savoring my last night in Steamboat before heading to the real world.

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