Life in Omaha

Many of you know that the Mr. and I travel to Omaha once a month to provide some face time to our respective employers.  Because we work from home it is nice to get out into the real world every once in a while.  Here is “our place” when we are in town.

I love the Hampton Inn.  We began staying there about a year ago when it was newly built.  The rooms are very clean and comfortable and the breakfast always includes fresh fruit and a hot entrée.  A great feature is the complimentary happy hour each afternoon with wine, beer, appetizers and warm cookies.  That has been our dinner on more than one occasion.

The Hampton Inn is actually located in Bellevue, Nebraska a suburb of Omaha and home to the Strategic Air Command at Offutt AFB.  Remember on 9/11 when Air Force One landed in Nebraska and President Bush was taken to a secure bunker?  That was right here in Bellevue.  As expected, there is a bunch of air traffic overhead, but the noise is surprisingly not bad at all.

Just a few blocks from our hotel is where Dave’s employer recently built their new facility in the middle of a cornfield.   You might be thinking that all of Omaha is in the middle of a cornfield and that is not far from the truth.

I work at a Health System that is several blocks north in the actual city of Omaha.  Here are pictures of two of our hospitals.

Although we have taken in many of the attractions of Omaha since we did live there for about 15 months, most of our time these days is spent working or eating out.  These are two of our favorite places to eat in Omaha…..we are pretty easy to please when it comes to food.

Huhot is a typical Mongolian grill although on the small side when compared to BD’s in Kansas City.    The food is fresh and the Hot and Sour soup fabulous.  This is always Dave’s pick for somewhere to eat.    I on the other hand always have to stop at Qdoba Mexican Grill during our trips.  It is similar to Chipotle, although has many more menu options.  The 3 cheese queso sauce that covers the nachos is to die for.  I do not even want to know how many Weight Watcher points this would be!  There are a few Qdoba’s in Missouri, but they are in the St. Louis and Springfield areas.  Not a one even close to KC.

I remember when we were getting ready to move to Omaha EVERYONE told us we had to visit the zoo.  At the time, I had two hips that would not think kindly of a whole day spent walking.  However, now that I have bionic hips, I am planning on staying over a weekend on one of our future trips and do just that.   Maybe I will do a future post about all the fun things to do in Omaha!

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