#11 Organize your life with a list APP

I have written about my list making obsession enthusiasm before.  Click here for that post.  Lately I have been looking for an electronic tool that would handle all of my list making requirements.  I have tried keeping lists in excel, in word, on paper and using the Outlook Task Manager.  I have also tested several blackberry and kindle fire apps such as Better List and Out of Milk.  Although several of those solutions were adequate, nothing has swayed my opinion enough to be my sole list making tool until now.

Last week when reading the blog SIMPLY ORGANIZED I was introduced to this FREE app called Wunderlist written by some software engineers in Berlin, Germany.  It is incredibility simple to use and has some awesome features, the best being its synch capability.  I installed it on my laptop and also my blackberry.  The list automatically synchs up (linked together by my e-mail address) each time I open it on one of the devices.  This feature alone sold me so all the rest are just icing on the cake.  Here are a few of the other features:

You can create multiple lists.

You can put a date on your item, or star it as important or just say Today, Tomorrow or Within 7 days.

My second favorite feature is the ability to create notes about your list item.  For instance, I have a list called Recipes to Try.  I can select the note icon to the right of the task and actually type in the recipe.  Then when I am at the store I can just check my blackberry for the ingredients for this new recipe.  When I am ready to prepare it I do not need to search around my office or on my computer for the recipe instructions, I will know exactly where it is.

You can also share the list with anyone by sending them an invitation, or if they are already using  Wunderlist they can just synch on their devise.  This will come in very handy when I create  my list of tasks for Dave to do.  I am sure he will be so happy about that!!  You can also send tasks by e-mail and even print out your lists.

I am just getting started using Wunderlist but I can honestly say I have not seen another product that is this easy to use and has all these great features, not to mention that is is absolutely free!!   If you are looking for something to keep you organized I would highly recommend this product.  It supports multiple platforms including mac, windows, iphone, ipad, android and blackberry.  If you do decide to try it, let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “#11 Organize your life with a list APP

  1. hey theresa!

    thank you for mentioning my blog and i am so glad the app is working for you! i love love it….and hello, didn’t even know about the note function. that is a lot of notes typed into that space. so smart to use it while shopping….genius!!!

    thanks again!
    samantha 🙂

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