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Does anyone out there like Boulevard Beer?  You would be hard-pressed in Kansas City to find someone who is not a fan of this impressive company.  We had the privilege this past weekend of taking a tasting tour of the facility and learning about the process behind the midwest’s best craft beer brewery.

Our tour started with a look at the original vintage brewhouse founder John McDonald imported from Bavaria and a taste of a current brew in the testing stage, Black Rye I.P.A., not yet being produced for sale.  A little on the bitter side for me, but one in our group loved it!

We viewed the fermenting tanks, which just recently held the Nutcracker Ale that will be in the stores in just a few weeks.

We also had a look at the Barrel Room.

Then we moved to the tasting room where our tour guide enlightened us on the history of the company while we sipped on Long Strange Triple coupled with Green Dirt Farm cheese.  Now this is a GOOD beer!   I love how local companies support other local companies!!

We were able to get up close and personal with the new brewhouse, even to the extent of peering into the very large, very deep vats.

In this room we were treated to the taste of Double-Wide I.P.A. and then taken to the hops room to experience the aromatic dried flower that adds flavor to beer.

The last tasting of the day, The Sixth Glass, was taken on the roof of the new brewhouse and packaging building which is a testament to Boulevard’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

In addition to the plant covered roof that decreases the building’s carbon footprint, Boulevard has implemented several corporate sustainability measures including the founding of Ripple Glass which is the areas only glass recycler and a commitment to be a zero land-fill facility.  Kansas City should be proud Boulevard calls this city home.

To learn more about Boulevard Brewery or to sign up for one of their tours, click here.

Cheers Everyone!

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  1. Next time we visit, I am going on this tour. They have the best Wheat beer too. See you on Friday.


  2. They said that Wheat beer is definitely their best seller! You would love this tour! Can’t wait to see all of you in just a few days.

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