Davis Farmer’s Market

My three daughters and I,  along with my sister and niece made a whirlwind dash to California last weekend to catch up with my brother’s family and meet the newest addition to our family tree.

We all fell in love with baby Bella.  We also got to hang out the energetic nephews, Isac and Noah.  It was a great family weekend!!

The mid-seventies temperatures were perfect for a trip to the Davis Farmer’s Market which USA Today ranks as one of the “standout” markets across the country.  Besides the normal farmer’s market bounty of fruits and vegetables, this market includes stall after stall of nuts (almonds, pistachios and walnuts) along with every baked good imaginable, scones, cookies, pies and cinnamon rolls the size of a dinner plate.  I stared at those babies for several minutes before someone finally pulled me away.

The displays and color at the market were amazing.

The market even has their own Cookbook and on this particular day the authors were greeting visitors and signing autographs.

One vendor was selling pepper and tomato bouquets,  I really wanted one of these unique and colorful arrangements, but could not figure out how to get it home without crushing it in my luggage.

I love farmer’s markets.  Is it spring yet?

5 thoughts on “Davis Farmer’s Market

  1. Great pictures Theresa! Is this market in Davis CA (or just called Davis Farmers Market?) I spent my grade school years in Davis! Great place to grow up 🙂

  2. This is in Davis, California! My brother and his family have lived there since his kids were small. He works for the Dept of Agriculture but on the campus of UC Davis.

    1. How fun! My Dad was a Dairy Extension Agent, traveling around the state, officed at UC Davis. We went to Valley Oak Elementary. Our last house was on Rio Del Oro – Street of gold 🙂 It’s probably in the “old” part of town now! I think our house was built 1965 – 66.
      It was from there that we moved to Lincoln, NE

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