What a dork!?!

I ran out to do some errands this evening and the first stop was at Kohl’s to return some jeans I had purchased for Dave.  I took my place in the return line and noticed there were about 6 people ahead of me and a few already behind me.  As I quietly waited my turn I glanced down and this is what I saw;

Yes, those are my two feet with two different shoes on them.  Geez, they were not even the same color, one was definitely brown and the other black.  At least they were both sketchers, does that count?  Probably not.

After the initial horror of discovering this, I started chuckling to myself and decided I would take a picture to share with you how cool  I am.   I attempted to DISCRETELY snap a quick photo with my phone and at the same time not to draw attention to the offending area.  As soon as I snapped this picture, I tried to shift the phone into my other hand and I dropped it.  Guess where it landed, directly between my two different shoes.  To make matters worse, the word “OOPS” actually came out of my mouth.  I am pretty sure every other person standing in that line turned to look directly at me and to the exact spot where I was picking up my phone.  I say pretty sure, because I immediately looked straight ahead and did not make eye contact with anyone until I could get the heck out of there.

Do you think they thought I was a “fashionista “sporting the latest fashion trend from Paris?   I am going with that.

Please tell me someone out there also does dorky things like I do.

2 thoughts on “What a dork!?!

  1. LOL! I hope the phone is ok and I hope you arrived home safely. BTW….I’m using those colorful lists already. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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