Who you calling Grandma???

We had wonderful news this week, our first grandchild will be born this summer.   Sorry William and Kate, this is the headline news at our house!!   Here are the parents to be…….

Kindra and Dave

I read a story recently about how baby boomers, although loving the idea of being grandparents, are wanting to be called something other than “Grandma” or “Grandpa” because of the image it invokes, that of a white haired, decrypt elderly person.   Just a note, I do not plan on ever being a “white-haired” anything.  I have told my young hairsylist Liz that she is responsible for me till the end…..even if she has to make house calls to the care center!

When my siblings and my children were born, my parents were known as Nena and Pa so it just seems natural to find a nickname instead of the formal Grandmother and Grandfather monikers.  My sister-in-law wanted her grandkids to call her Gypsy and my sister’s grandchildren call her grandmamma.  Goldie Hawn’s grandkids call her Glam-ma and Gwenth Paltrow’s kids call Blythe Danner Lalo.

So what grandparent names would you suggest for a couple of  motorcycle-riding,  X-box dancing, technology nerds…… one of which that will never have white hair?

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  1. Congratulations!!!! That is wonderful news…I will have to think about a proper name for you :). Tell them Congrats for us!

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