J is for Jasper’s

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For those of you new to these parts……the ABC Dinner Club is a group of friends who are making their way through the alphabet one restaurant at a time.

We are a group of five couples who have been going out to dinner for years since our now grown, some married children were toddlers crawling under the table and drinking hot sauce out of the dip bowl.  I actually use to feel sorry for the wait staff when we would come in.  As grown ups we were desperate for socialization and adult conversation but did not always want to afford a sitter.  That meant as many as nine or ten children at a time would be with us.  Of course we would frequent the restaurants that were kid friendly, but we were still quite the circus attraction.

We have watched each others kid’s grow up; analyzed the baseball, soccer, and football games, discussed the dance recitals, swim meets and golf matches and reviewed the homecoming and prom pictures.  We have evaluated college selections and choices of majors.  We have attended graduations, weddings and have even visited a few new babies.

Through it all, we have gone out to eat……FREQUENTLY!  As a fun project, we decided to start picking our restaurants by the letters of the alphabet.  First we would find a restaurant that starts with A, then B, etc.  We try  to select a place where we have never eaten or at least do not attend frequently.  We then record our project through pictures and the rating of the restaurant.

One matter we must state up front are the qualifications we have for providing these ratings.  In short, we have none, except for the fact we love to eat and we know what we like.  So do not expect a review based on culinary expertise or knowledge, but on the simple question…..”Will we come back here and eat again?”  That is the bottom line for us.

If you live in the Kansas City area or know of restaurants close by, feel free to provide the  names of places you love.  We are always looking for something new.

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