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So who knows what I am talking about here?  The Mr and I were discussing the next TV series we were going to watch in a marathon session when he mentioned that he had actually heard a term coined just for this scenario. ‘Binge Watching’ is the devouring of an entire season of a tv show in a short amount of time.

Anyone else love to do this as much as I?  It started for us around 2007 when we decided to see what all the fuss was about regarding the series “24′.  Roughly three months later we had watched 6 seasons…..that is 144 hours of tv watching!  DON”T JUDGE!!!  I can remember our children making comments about what slugs we were!  When season 7 and season 8 aired, I had to force myself not to watch it, but instead, wait so I could have another marathon session when the season was over.

I love to watch tv this way, which I think says something about my personality, and maybe not in a good way.  I am impatient and want quick results.  I do not want to wait for another week to see what happens next.  I want to know NOW!!  Yep, that’s me.

Since that first sinfully good session, Dave and I have watched the following series, some completely and some just to catch up for a few seasons we missed.


Binge-watching-3Dave even went a little retro and watched some old series.  I watched a couple of episodes of Mission Impossible (which I loved when I was a kid) but it was downright painful to watch now.  The acting, sets and especially the technology were just comical.


Of all the series we have watched, I think my favorite has been Friday Night Lights.  It was one of the most recent watches so I might just be on a Tim Riggins high!  Anyone out there love to watch TV this way?  Anyone have any recommendations for our next marathon session?

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  1. Finally, a non-recipe blog worth reading 🙂 (I do forward those to Robbie though).

    Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix came up with the term Binge Streaming. We recently binged on Breaking Bad; a MUST see. We watched 46 episodes over a 4 week time frame. Stephanie and Seth’s favorite Binge Watch is Dexter and we plan on starting that one soon. They just turned us on to Hell on Wheels as well. My sister in Chicago is hooked on ‘Downton Abbey’. Anyway, you wanted ideas!

    PS – Netflix produced a new series starring Kevin Spacey called House of Cards. They released all 13 episodes at once to allow for the binge’ing. Haven’t seen it yet though.

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