Basement Makeover – Step 2

We are making progress!!!  I last left you with this:


We (by that I mean the Mr, aka DA) added an additional electrical box and moved the boxes lower down the wall. Additionally, we (by that I mean DA and friend Paul) repaired the drywall where the entertainment cabinet was and put a primer on the new drywall.


Then we (by that I mean DA and myself) got up close and personal with all the trim in the basement by doing the “cutting in” work.  No masking tape for us, just an angled brush, paint bucket and a wet cloth for tidying up the trim when our hands were not so steady.



It took us about 10 hours of work each over the course of a week but by Saturday afternoon we had completed all the painting.  YEAH!!

Our next task is to order the carpet which I have been trying to do for a week.  Do you know how many shades of taupe carpeting there are in this world?  I am now on my second round of samples trying to pick one I like.  The room has been measured so they are just waiting on me to make my final selection.

Step 3 of the makeover involves the use of my sewing machine but I will save those details for a later time.

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