Bits and Pieces

At the risk of letting you know how random the thoughts that flow through my brain really are, I have a few unrelated topics to share.

#1 – As I was writing the title of this post I had to say to myself, “i before e except after c.”  Do you ever remind yourself of something by using silly rules like this? I say this one in my head frequently and sometimes it helps, unless of course I want to spell something like CONSCIENCE.   That is WEIRD isn’t it?

#2 – There is a constant pounding coming from the basement of our house today.  Any thoughts????  If you guessed the new carpet is being laid you are correct!  WOOHOO!  An update on the basement makeover will be coming soon.


#3 – The Mr and I just returned from a week in our northern home away from home.  On occasion we get to spend a fun evening with friends instead of just being stuck in the hotel room watching tv.



We visited the Cantina Lorado which is a fun Mexican restaurant in the new MidTown Crossing development in Omaha.  This upscale urban area is packed with restaurants, shopping, condos, apartments and events.  If you ever venture to Omaha this should be on your list of places to visit.  I plan on going back when I have more time to explore.

#4 – I had a small setback this week that resulted in getting this ugly thing out of the closet.


As many of you know, two years ago in May I had the second of two hip replacements.  Since that time, I have had a new found love of life; walking, shopping, dancing to the X-Box, doing water aerobics and just about anything else I wanted.  Last week something happened in one of my knees that has made walking very difficult.  I am  visiting the ortho doc on wednesday so keep your fingers crossed it is a temporary slowdown.

#5 – One week from today we will learn if our under construction first grandbaby is a girl or boy!  So excited!  It is about time to break out the quilting supplies.

Pregnant Kindra

#6 – A couple of months ago I signed up for a two evening photography class on lighting at the local community college.  I love working on my photography skills, just hope I can hobble enough (see #4 above) to make it to the classroom.

#7 – I spotted this on pinterest the other day and it made me laugh.

Let's Eat GrandpaHappy Day Everyone!

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