Bits and Pieces

1.  Less than forty-eight hours until surgery and another replacement part…..this time the left knee.  Right now I am trying to focus more on the things I need to get done before my mobility is reduced and not so much on the actual surgery.  I am sure by Monday night I will be obsessing over that but for now trying to stay focused.  The “TO-DO BY MONDAY NIGHT” list is long and I am getting things crossed off.  I am also being realistic and know that not everything will be completed, some things will just have to wait a few weeks.

2. That staying focused thing is not working too well for me, take a look at all the shiny new hardware I will be sporting.  Kinda makes me hurt a little a lot.

knee replacement

3.  Daughter #2 and I cleaned out her old room in our house on Saturday.  Given the three years she has been married plus the four years she spent in college, she really has not been here on a long term basis for almost seven years.  Seems like it was time to pack up the “I Love Lucy” collection and give away some of the clothes still hanging in the closet.  Besides that, she has her own house now and has more storage space in her basement than I do!


4.  The cleaning mentioned above was in anticipation of daughter #3’s move back home after she graduates from college in May.  She will be attending a nutrition/dietetic internship at KU in the fall.  While working on her nutrition major/food minor she took several cooking classes and catered several events.  She even butchered a pig and took home pork chops!  I am really excited to have her home again and hoping she will use some of the nutrition/food knowledge I paid for in some of our evening meals. (minus the pork!)

5.  I also spent several hours in the kitchen yesterday cooking ahead a few of my favorite comfort foods and freezing them for after surgery.  I made vegetable barley soup that I shared in this post.


I made Black Bean soup that I wrote about here.


And I made a double batch of sugu (pasta sauce) that is a family favorite.  I don’t think I have shared that recipe yet, but definitely need to do that sometime in the future.

6.  The best thing I accomplished this weekend was making a decision on the quilt I will soon be starting for my soon-to-be born grandson Levi.  I love fabric and quilting SO much I have a very hard time making a choice on a pattern and the color I want to use.  There are so many things I like!    Besides the three t-shirt quilts I made for my daughters when they graduated from high school, I have not made a quilt for several years and I am very excited to start again .  I purchased all the material and am hoping I will feel well enough during my recovery over the next few weeks to get the pieces cut out.

Not sure if I will be posting next week or not, but if I do, please do not hold me responsible for what I say……I am hoping to be under the influence of some powerful drugs 🙂

10 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. My mom & sister both had double knee replacements. My sister’s new knees are just a little over a year old. She says it’s the best decision she ever made. The doctor told her she had 80 year old knees in a 50 year old body. I’m sure you’ll do great.

    1. Thanks Carla, I keep hearing that from people. Just wish I could fast forward about a month. I know it will all eventually be better.

  2. Theresa, Best of luck to you tomorrow! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out. I will pray for a quick recovery :). Take Care!

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