New spring look!

I have a new spring fashion to share with you, white compression hose, ace wrap and a built-in cooling system.  Isn’t it lovely?


Let’s break this look down shall we?

1.  White Compression  Hose – This part of the assemble is pure evil.  Although presented by the medical profession as an important tool in preventing blood clots, the truth is they cut off total circulation in your leg.  No blood, no clots, no nothing is moving under these ultra tight,scratchy demons.  Trying to put them on after you have taken them off to shower is, well, no words can describe that fun!

2.  Ace Wrap –  Although this is an optional item at this point, it does play a wonderful role in keeping the cooling system attached to your leg.  This fashion item is just a part time addition.

3.  Cooling System –  Although this would be a bit cumbersome if you were very mobile,  it is perfect for this first week when you are doing very little except trying to articulate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Looking like my own personal beverage cooler, this unit delivers localized cold therapy by the use of a pump that circulates extremely cold water to the desired area.

As lovely as this look is, I certainly do not want to make this a permanent part of my wardrobe.


According to the multitude of health professionals that have been traipsing in and out of my bedroom the last few days, I am doing great for a week out of surgery.  My only goals are to see how far I can get my knee to bend and how many laps I can make with the walker around the second story of my home.  I have NO desire to tackle those stairs again for while, although the therapist says we will be working on that by the end of this week.   The knee bending goal is 120 degrees over all, but only 90 for the first week.  I have been having a very difficult time with the knee bending,  but today with the therapist pushing and me breathing like I was about to give birth, the 90 degrees was finally achieved.  YEAH!!

Another issue I will be fighting over the next few weeks is the IMPATIENT MONSTER that lives in my brain.  I know when work and life gets crazy I often dream of a few days of downtime to do nothing.  Of course that downtime is usually more about sun, sand and beaches than pain, immobility and 25 staples.

I want to truly thank all of you for the visits, plants, phone calls, food and warm wishes.  I can not imagine going through this without the support of my family and friends.

2 thoughts on “New spring look!

  1. I will be happy to come and plant your flowers for you. We thought you looked great today. Keep up the good work you are doing

  2. Theresa, I’ve been absorbed in my new job as an ’employee’ and totally forgot of your surgery. But if it makes you feel better, I think I’m in more pain because of it. However, my upcoming disability filing will be because I hurt for you! You’re one tough chick and we know you’ll be up and at em’ soon. I’ll look forward to hearing more blog updates of your progress and to another lunch soon! Good luck and of course let me know if there’s something we can do.

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