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Everything I have read about becoming a better photographer includes the advice to take your camera with you everywhere you go.  I am not very good at doing that because my camera is pretty bulky and heavy.   We do have a small Nikon point and shoot and we also have our iphones, but for me, if I am going to take pictures, I really want to use my Cannon 7D.  Just using it makes me a better photographer.

Last weekend, the Mr and I had an unusual Saturday without any commitments so we decided to go out to lunch and maybe do a little shopping.  I grabbed my camera and even put on my 50mm lens that I am trying to use more often.  This is a fast lens, meaning it does well in low light conditions.  While sitting at lunch we discussed how we would someday like to go to the Sea Life Aquarium which is one of Kansas City’s newest attractions.   Silly us, we were within walking distance of the aquarium, no better time than right now!

The admission price to the aquarium is very reasonable and discount tickets are available if you purchase them in advance.  As we were getting ready to walk in they mentioned that flash photography was not allowed.  I asked, “Does that mean non-flash photography is allowed?”   “Sure,” they answered.  Woohoo…….for once I was prepared!

Here are my favorite images from the aquarium, starting with the Jellyfish…




This guy was looking right at me….





There were so many other things to see such as creepy eels sticking out of the sand, colorful clownfish, starfish, shrimp and even seahorses.  I enjoyed it so much I would like to go back sometime.   They have many kid-friendly exhibits also, even an area where you can touch the fish.  If you are in the KC area or are planning a visit I would highly recommend a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium.

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