Bits and Pieces

1.  This week’s kitchen chalkboard art.


We are on baby watch!  Our first grandchild is due two weeks from today.  I am ready to take off for Houston as soon as I get the word.  So excited……

2.  I am thankful today’s high temperature was only 88 degrees with noticeably decreased humidity around 45 percent.  Our new new air conditioner will not be installed until Wednesday.  Inside the house the temperature today is approximately


That is better than the 87-89 degrees we have been seeing since last Tuesday when the AC decided to die.  Still too hot for me.

3.  Several years ago, maybe five, I planted a hydrangea plant with visions of beautiful blooms each summer.  This summer for the first time I have my first bloom.


I have neighbors who have hydrangea plants with dozens of blooms.  Oh well, thankful to finally have one.

4.  I have been so hot this week I have actually been dreaming of these days only 4 short months ago, March 24, 2013……





That white stuff would sure feel good to me right now!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. My hydrangea plants (3 @ 7 years old) have always just produced a few blooms each year, but this year in the spring I watered using miracle grow a couple times a week and I have at least 50 to 75 blooms.

  2. Your hydrangea bloom is gorgeous! Adorable chalkboard art in anticipation of Levi’s arrival!

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