I am in love….

I saw him take his first few breaths and then being laid on his mom’s chest to look into the eyes of his mother and father for the first time.


I saw him stretch his arms and legs to their full length marveling at the freedom he was feeling.


I saw him become very still and curious as he was swaddled and passed from one set of arms to another.


I saw him maneuver his fingers to his mouth in an ease that tells me this probably was not the first time they had been there.


It did not take long for me to fall madly in love with my first grandchild as I held him close.


What a privilege it was to share Levi’s first few days of life with my daughter and son-in-law.  Looking into the face of a newborn is looking at the face of god.  What a miracle I have witnessed.

4 thoughts on “I am in love….

  1. Oma,
    Levi is so darling. Its amazing how alert he is in the first moments of his life. This brought a tear to my eye seeing you with your first grandchild. I so wish Mom & Dad could have met their great grandchildren.

  2. Congratulations! How Exciting! Unbelievable how wide-eyed and alert he is….I think you could be in trouble :). This post brought tears to my eyes. I hope you enjoy every minute you can with Levi!

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