Are you ready for some football???

We have had a crazy schedule with three out of town trips in the last three weeks, however that did not stop us from having a little fun on one of the few days we were actually in town.


I have a friend who is as crazy about football as I am.  Our husbands also like football but it is Nancy and I who are the real fans.  Each year about this time we start the conversations about how our beloved Chiefs will do.  I am usually the optimist in a desperate hope that this will be our year while Nancy is usually more guarded in her predictions.   We both take our football seriously.  For example,  just last week Nancy and her husband were on a trip to Denver and Nancy sent me a text telling me that they had just driven by the Broncos stadium and she put a hex on it.  That is the kind of fans we are…..

Last Sunday the four of us took a little drive up to St. Joseph, Missouri to peak in on Chiefs training camp.  We saw some seriously large human beings in the form of the defensive line.


We saw our new coach, Andy Reid, who was totally engaged and constantly giving advise to the players.


We watched all the quarterbacks getting some extra coaching.  I am so excited to see how Alex Smith does this year.  Chase Daniels was not having a good day but he is definitely a fan favorite, at least for us MIZZOU fans.  Tyler Bray was very impressive…my guess is that we will be saying bye-bye to Stanzi.


Nancy and I have shared in some great Chief memories over the years including the time we were yelling at people in a hotel lobby in San Diego to get out of the way because we were watching for Tony Gonzalez,  only to discover we were yelling at Stevie Wonder and his entourage.  🙂


With my usual optimism I am predicting that all the changes this year will produce the best Chiefs season we have seen in a long time…..of course we all know it will not take much to improve over the last few years.  I can’t wait for Friday night and the first pre-season game.  GO CHIEFS!!!!

4 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football???

      1. Ha! I grew up in oaKland and loved the raiders before they left. Once that happened it was adios raiders and hellooooo niners! I’ve never looked back. I can’t stand AL Davis, god rest his soul. My love is baseball though and I like both the A’s and the Giants.

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