Shower for Baby June

I hosted another baby shower this past weekend, this makes three in three months.  I love parties!!

June-BugOur group feels the brunch theme works very well, we seem to have a better turnout when the party is not in the middle of the day.  And who doesn’t like brunch food?


We started with quiche and muffins.



And then added some berry fruit cups.


I love this cocktail line of plastic serving ware at Party America.  Besides these 2 oz square bowls, that have 3″ plates, 2 oz round bowls, and even 7″ trays.  I could totally see a small plates party using this whole collection. Hmmmm…..maybe my next party!  Of course we could not have a party without cake and cookies.  My friend Joyce made this gorgeous cake which matched the invitations.


And I made some baby face sugar cookies that tasted great but the decorating could have been much better.  I used Jenny Steffen Hobick’s Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipe which is by far the best I have ever made.  You can find those recipes here.  


The decorating was inspired from a post on Pinterest which was ADORABLE and much, much better than my attempts.  You can see that link here. 

I used  a black AmeriColor gourmet writer pen to make the face after the icing dried completely.  On my cookies the pen bled into the icing and I could not get the fine line I was hoping for.  I am going to try this pen again though because I like the idea of it and my results were probably just due to lack of skill and experience.  Never the less, they were fun to make.


Happy Day everyone!

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