Budweiser Clydesdales and the Warm Springs Ranch

Fall is traditional day-trip time around these parts.  Although I love a good day trip any time of the year, I especially love to go in the fall. Last year we visited Weston, Missouri and then toured Green Dirt Farm, a must if you love freshly made cheese.  You can read all about that day trip here.  In 2011, we headed east to Lexington (home of my ancestors) for the Apple Festival and a stop at Fahrmeier Farms for pumpkins and even a little wine tasting.  All the details are in this post.

This past weekend we headed to Booneville, Missouri for a little-known gem of a destination, Warm Springs Ranch, home to the Budweiser Clydesdale’s breeding operation.



This pristine 300 acre ranch was relocated to Boonville about 5 years ago from California, to be closer to the Budweiser Training facility located at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis.  The ranch is home to over 100 Clydesdales who roam 10 different pastures, each with it’s own shelter.

Excerise-Paddocks Dominator

On the tour there are several opportunities to get up close and personal with these beautiful horses.



Everything about the ranch is immaculate from the straw lined stalls to the transport trailers used to carry the Clydesdale’s to their many visits throughout the country.


My favorite part of the tour was hearing about and seeing the fouls, including this sweet baby who was just a few weeks old.


After I had walked past her, Dave said she stood up and started bucking all over the place.  Our tour guide said that about 40 fouls were born each year on the ranch.  How fun would that job be????  The other special attraction was “Hope” who was just a little bit older.


You may remember her from her baby video that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl Commercial.

I am pretty sure this is my favorite commercial of all time!

A tour of a Budweiser facility would not be complete without an ice cold glass of beer and a visit to the gift shop to peruse all things Budweiser.  I may or may not have purchased this adorable baby Hope replica for my own little Texas cowboy.


The day trip to Warm Springs Ranch, plus my two favorite football teams (Missouri and the Kansas City Chiefs) going 5-0 made for a GREAT birthday weekend!

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