Our holidays start today with a Thanksgiving dinner/birthday celebration for Dave’s side of the family.  That is quickly followed by a family reunion for my side of the family lasting several days.  I am so excited to see our Seattle, California and Houston family, although pretty sure those warm blooded folk are going to freeze……I was just outside and it was 26 degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon!  I am hosting tonight’s dinner which has made for a crazy week since I was out of town for work several days and attended a photography workshop this morning.  The key to getting it all done is planning and lots and lots of list.  You know I love me some lists!

For my table I chose a very simple centerpiece, starting with my handmade dough bowl (see more about that here ) adding three candles and throwing in some nuts, pine cones and leaves.


Considering I had all the items on hand and it took a total of two minutes to pull together, I was pretty happy with the results.


I recently found this fun site that shows several ways to fold napkins so I chose this classic envelope style but would really like to try several of the others.


I enlisted the help of a few others to bring desserts but I just had to make cherry pie which is the favorite of both Dave and I.


I also tried this fun appetizer I ran across here.  Use your imagination folks, this is an individual size cheese ball turkey.



I can already hear my kids making fun of me!

One of these days when I have all the time I want to prepare for Thanksgiving I am going to try a few of these other ideas I found.  I absolutely love the idea of these placements and they would be so simple to make using grocery bags.

Placemat                                                                                                                 SOURCE UNKNOWN

Even if I had the time to make them, I am not sure my cookies would turn out so cute!

Pie cookies coffee_loving_mom                                                                                                                  SOURCE

And what about these rolls, how cute are these?

Pumpkin shaped rolls                                                                                                                   SOURCE

The guests will be arriving soon so I better get back to my dinner.  I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with family, food, fun and a grateful heart!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks, Theresa! I’m going to use some of these ideas, probably not all this year, but some day. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Theresa, I wish I could have come to your dinner! The Thanksgiving dinner at my house will not be anywhere close to your fancy one!

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