Bits and Pieces – Christmas Edition

I worked at a feverish pace this past week both for my day job and in trying to get ready for Christmas.  As an accountant/systems analyst/project manager this time of year is crazy insane.  Not only do I have two projects being implemented in the next two weeks, but I am also preparing the system for year end and building new reports for next year.  I have several other projects I am managing plus I attended a kick-off meeting for a new project on Friday.  At the end of each work day this week my mind was mush.  However, last weekend I had laid out a plan (the thing I do best!) to tackle all my Christmas tasks this week and nothing was going to stop me from getting those things done.

*We made our traditional Candy Cane Cookies.


I  have been making these cookies since before Dave and I were married and it would not be Christmas at our house without these.  Usually I have a daughter or two, or even a son-in-law to help but this year we were on our own.  As soon as they cooled I threw them in the freezer so I would not eat them all before our Christmas Eve party!  If you are interested, I have attached the recipe.

Candy Cane Cookie Recipe

*I finished our 2013 Christmas Card.  I am having so much fun learning new things in photoshop.  This year’s card started with a photo I took at our house last year after a snowfall.  I added some falling snow then applied a watercolor effect.  Here is the before and after.



*I hosted the first of two holiday gatherings we are having this year.  We started with Candy Cane Cocktails (click here for recipe) and antipasta inspired by The Barefoot Contessa.  Then we feasted on salad, pasta and finished with multiple desserts.  Fortunately our guests each brought a dish so I was able to spend more time enjoying myself at the party then actually cooking.  The best kind of party!!!



*I finished my shopping and spent three hours Friday night wrapping while I watched the “I Love Lucy” Christmas special.  Did anyone else watch it?  I thought they did a great job colorizing it.  It was specially fun to watch the classic Italian movie episode where Lucy was stomping grapes…this was the only part that I really noticed the coloring did not look totally natural.

*We woke up Sunday morning to a blanket of snow, just enough for a white Christmas.  It was the perfect morning for cinnamon rolls and hot tea.



Now I feel ready for Christmas, not to mention a few days of rest and relaxation.  Merry Christmas everyone!

11 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces – Christmas Edition

  1. I love reading your blog. However, I would never get everything that you do accomplished and still work full time. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
    Tom and Sherry Reavis

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Theresa. I had to smile at your candy cane cookies. Mike’s mom has sent them to us since we were first married. Lots of Love, Cathie

  3. Oh…one of my best Christmas memories is your mom’s divinity. It was delicious. I tried to make it our first year of marriage and burnt out the motor on my mixer!

  4. Cathy, that is so funny. I have tried several times to make that divinity and never really had much success. I still have her handwritten recipe so I am sure I will try it again someday!

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