Budweiser does it again…

Remember when I wrote about visiting Warm Springs Ranch last fall and seeing the majestic Clydesdale’s?  Besides touring the pristine ranch we met Hope who was the star of the 2013 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.  You can see that post and the 2013 commercial here.  Well, it looks like Budweiser has scored another touchdown (pun intended) with their 2014 Super Bowl commercial that was just released this morning.  See for yourself.

2014 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

Obviously I am a sucker for cute animals.  Since my Chiefs did not make the cut this year, I am far more interested in the commercials than the game.  Although someone did suggest to me I should root for the Broncos (which gives me hives just thinking about it) because maybe then Manning will retire and our Chiefs might have a chance next year!  Something to consider…..

One thought on “Budweiser does it again…

  1. Love the new commercial, I wonder if the little Clydesdale is the newborn we saw when we were at the Ranch?

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