Everything in it’s Place

One thing I have always loved about my master bathroom, besides the fact that it is very spacious, is that I have my own space.  My own sink, my own cabinets and my own drawers.  I have never been one to share very well.


I remember thinking when we built this house seventeen years ago that I would never run out of space.  How naive I was, I have since come to understand this age-old law of organization:


That has certainly happened around here so I have decided to start a dejunking/spring cleaning party at this house.  The first stop is the drawers on my side of the master bathroom.  Several years ago the MR. installed these kitchen drawer dividers after seeing similar dividers that my sister had at her house.  I love them.




On multiple occasions I have mentioned to the hubby that these same dividers would be great in my bathroom drawer but he never took the hint. Last week when I read on Simply Organized about some DIY drawer dividers from the Container Store, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I ordered two sets.


They arrived just in time for me to take advantage of a snow day and be productive.  I emptied my bathroom drawer, installed some pretty new liner paper and laid out the items from the drawer in groupings that I thought would work.


The installation for the dividers is pretty easy.  You measure the length of divider you need (less 1/4″ for the mounting brackets), score the plastic strip and snap it.  Then you slide the strip into the self-adhesive mounts into whatever configuration you want.


It took me about an hour to complete this project and I am SOOOOO happy with it.  Every time I walk by that drawer I open it and gaze inside.  There is just something about these divided areas with like items having their own space that takes this structured person to her happy place!

It only took one package ($17.99) to complete this project which means I have one left to tackle another drawer in this house, be still my heart :).

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  1. The picture of your space in the bathroom no way shows how much space you really have in that room. You really need a 360 degree camera so everyone can see the room is bigger than most people’s master bedroom. Good job on the drawers.

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