Countdown Redo

You would think I am ready to give birth with all the “nesting” that has been going on around here.   I am pretty sure it is related to the event that is going to happen in less than two weeks.  A couple of months ago I mentioned I was on a countdown for  knee-replacement surgery.  What I have not mentioned is that the weekend before my surgery I came down with an ugly virus.  It seems that dr’s do not like to cut you open when you are running a fever.  It was probably for the best since I was feeling pretty rotten, however, since my ortho doc is scheduled two months in advance, I had to wait eight weeks to get on his schedule again.  So now I am in countdown mode once again.

One thing I have been doing in preparation is “refreshing” my master bedroom.  Not really redecorating, just switching some things out and spring cleaning like crazy.  No drawer or closet is being spared!  Since I live in a two story house, those first few weeks after surgery I will be spending the majority of time in my bedroom so I do not have to climb my full flight of stairs too often.


It is not such a hardship staying in my room with my favorite recliner, a 40″ HD TV, Netflix, my laptop, kindle, and a small refrigerator in my closet.  However,  it will not be a vacation by any stretch of the imagination.  I am already having nightmares about those dreaded white compression hose.


The pain isn’t much fun either, hello happy pills!  I figured anything that can help brighten my mood during those first two weeks is a good thing, so I started by ordering a new duvet from pottery barn.

PB Essential Duvet Cover & Sham

I am typically someone who likes to decorate using lots of color.  However, for my bedroom I was thinking  about keeping it very neutral and calming.  The walls are painted my go-to color, Sherwin Williams Trusty Tan and the woodwork is painted white.  There is one slight problem with selecting this white duvet…..I have a black cat who thinks my bed is her bed.


I may regret this decision down the road but the good news is that this duvet can easily be thrown in the wash.  I will probably also keep my handy 3M lint roller in my nightstand drawer.  Oh the things we will do for the love of a family pet!

I also would like to get some new curtains, a couple of new lamps and a few new things for the walls.  Do you think I can get all this done in less than two weeks?


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