Goodbye to Eddie

A moment of silence please!  In a few days we will be saying good-bye to Eddie, a valued contributor to our family for over twelve years.


When he first came into our life our daughters were only only 17, 14 and 10 years old.  Eddie accompanied us to many music lessons, dance class, swim meets, cheerleading practice, work and countless trips around town.  He taught two of the three girls to drive but they each felt he was a little too big and not really “cool” enough for their taste.  He did not take this rebuff personally though and continued to accompany us to work and even on vacations.  He moved all three girls into dorm rooms, and other dorm rooms, apartments and other apartments and back home again.  He has gently carried the wedding dresses of two of our daughters on their special days.    He even professed his love for our Kansas City Chiefs by prominently displaying their logo on his license plate for all the world to see.

As Eddie got older he spent more and more time resting in the garage and letting the younger whipper snapper take on the day to day operations.  He was only called on for those really hard days when his special skill was very much appreciated.


The day he met his maker was dark and stormy.  He was performing flawlessly as usual, keeping our youngest safe from violent winds and hail.  Boy was that hail nasty looking…..


It was just too much for Eddie to bear.  They told us it was a total loss.  The cost of surgical repair far out- weighed the quality and value of remaining life.  It was best to let him go.  Farewell to our 2002 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer.  You served us well!

And hello to you sweet young thing, you have any plans for the next ten years?

New ford edge

Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company.




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