Everything Old is New Again

For the past year or so I have noticed a surge in the popularity of gold and brass accents.

brass-kitchen 1



I have literally spent the last ten years trying to replace the gold and brass accents that we purposely selected when we built this house in 1997.  We have had (and still do in a few cases) brass fans, brass door handles, brass cabinet pulls and even brass bathroom fixtures.  Now I am reading about designers frequenting thrift stores to find these trendy brass items.

Here is another new trend, according to HGTV, “wallpaper is back in a big way. We can’t get enough of its room-transforming, style-defining powers.”

Madaket Road victorian-powder-room
Contemporary Bedroom contemporary-bedroom

The only “room-transforming power” I have experienced with wall paper is the ripping of drywall as I spent hours steaming, scrapping and cursing trying to get it off the walls.

And now for the icing on the cake, I have been trying to talk the hubby into painting my oak stained kitchen cabinets white for the last couple of years.  Recently I read over at Centasational Girl that “natural and stained wood cabinets in the kitchen are surging in popularity and it’s to be expected, how can you deny the warmth of wood in the home?”

What have I learned from all of this?  Obviously,  I am on the cutting edge of design…..years ahead of my time (about 17 to be exact).   Oh, another thing, I am heading to the thrift store to scalp a few bathroom fixtures and door pulls!



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