The Magic Tree

We had our first snow last night, just enough to make it seem like Christmas but not enough to really keep people from doing what they need to do.  I love it and hope it stays around for a week, but since the forecast is for temps to hit the forties over the weekend I am guessing our chance for a white Christmas is fairly slim.


Last night I had Dave take me to a local attraction that has been getting some press for our city lately, it is called The Magic Tree.  During the day this lone tree sits in the middle of a field just off the highway and would not even command a glance as you drive by.  At night it transforms into a beacon of light, attracting a crowd who drive their cars across a field, park, take pictures and just hang out.


I have to admit it is a beautiful site and I am not sure I have ever seen this many lights adorning one single tree, 12.500 to be exact.  According to Flip Short, the owner of the land, the purpose of the tree is to bring Christmas joy to the world one person at a time, starting right here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Rumor has it that there have been several wedding proposals at the tree while others just enjoy the tranquil setting for reflection.  The tree even has it’s own website where you can leave thoughts and comments on your experience.  A bin has been placed near the tree to collect can goods for Lee’s Summit Social Services for those who would like to donate.

Since I am a big lover of Christmas and all the traditions around it, I enjoy the sentiment and appreciate the efforts to create The Magic Tree.  Of course, like so many public venues, the Magic Tree has not been without it’s share of trouble.  A couple of weeks ago someone cut the power lines to the tree causing it to go dark.  The lights were restored quickly but I struggle to understand the mindset of someone who would impair a harmless symbol of the season.

As most of you are also, I am crazy busy with work and Christmas preparations but am making an effort to slow down and appreciate the real reason for the season.  I hope you can do the same.  Merry Christmas everyone!




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