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We built our current house twenty years ago this November and over the years have often thought it would be nice to have a bigger patio area than the standard builder’s size that was installed originally.   Last winter we finally drew up a plan and obtained a few quotes.  We made our final decision in April which is the WORST time to get in the que for landscape contractors.  Everyone is thinking of their outdoor projects and hiring these contractors at the same time.  We were told there was about a twelve week waiting list which would make our install mid to late July.    Even though half the summer would be over by that time, we figured fall would be the best time for the fire pit anyway so we decided to go ahead with the plan.

Our contractor, Hinkle Hardscapes, did a great job of keeping us updated with a weekly on-line newsletter showing us the updated que and teasing us with photos of their current projects.  Amazingly enough, the install process started very close to the projected date they provided 12 weeks earlier.  This is not always the norm when hiring out for construction projects.  They had told us the project would take about five days and in reality it only took four.

The first day they delivered a dumpster to our drive-way which they used to haul off the construction debris.

They also demo’d the existing patio and set the forms for the new one.

At the same time all this was going on at our house, our triplet grandchildren decided to be born so we became a little too distracted to take pictures on day two.  However, on that day they prepared the area for the concrete by laying down gravel, leveling it out and installing the rebar.

The third day, the crew poured and stamped the concrete and I managed to take at least one picture when they were done.

On the final day of install, many activities were completed including, cutting expansion joints, sealing the concrete, staining the border and building the firepit.




After the crew left we had a few things to finish off; some touch-up painting around the door and trim, adding dirt and grass seed around the edge of the patio and decorating with furniture both new and old.



There are so many things I love about this new space including four different conversation areas,


the new dining area and space for the grill and smoker,

and of course the firepit!

We wasted no time inviting friends over to cook-out and enjoy the patio.  We had a beautiful, and somewhat unusual cool August evening that was perfect for the first fire.  When the sun went down all ten of us pulled our chairs around the new fire pit and there was easily room for a couple more.  Pretty sure this is my new favorite “room” in our house!

Now for the before and after…….


4 thoughts on “New Patio and Firepit

  1. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. Because of this story we hired Hinkle to tear off a rotting deck, get rid of a builder’s patio and replace with a very similar stamped concrete patio and retaining/seating wall on the “new” 20 year old villa in Cedar Creek we downsized to. They started right after Christmas, so the weather keeps interrupting, but we are loving their work so far!

    Revisiting your site I am now wondering if we should have done a fire pit. Did they just assemble it on top of the patio?

    1. Hi Lisa! Glad you were able to use this information! To answer your question, the patio was built right on top of the patio. We really enjoyed the fire pit last fall and cannot wait for spring to use it again!

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