Stephenson’s Apple Fritter Recipe and more

I have written before about my love for the old Stephenson’s Apple Orchard and Restaurant which closed several years ago. You can read about that here. Thanks to a friend I found a new apple orchard that I also love, Johnson Farms in Belton, Missouri. They are much more than an apple orchard, and are now my official supplier of mums, pumpkins and many varieties of apples.

A couple of weeks ago Kayla, Dave and I took five of the grandkids to pick apples on the opening day of the orchard! On that particular day only Gala apples were available but you can be sure I will be back soon for their Honey Crisp variety.

The kids had a blast and we picked two flats in record time. It even started raining on us but that did not damper the spirit of the kids at all!

With the flat I brought home I made two apple pies.

I also made cinnamon apple sauce which according to Dave was the best he had ever eaten. I am making a second batch as I write this with the last of the apples. I sure wish you could smell the aroma in my house right now. Holy cow it smells gooooood!

So easy to make and freezes well also.

However, the best of all the apple recipes I have made in the last two weeks was the Stephenson’s Apple Fritters.

And yes, I am deep frying these on the grill. We also make bacon on the grill to keep the mess and smell out of the house!

This recipe comes from a cookbook I purchased in their restaurant probably thirty or more years ago. I highly recommend you try it; you will not be disappointed.

Copy right 1967 Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant

Let me know if you try these and how you like them!

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this!! I was just telling my cousin he had to find this restaurant on his road trip to St. Louis, only to find out it had CLOSED! My childhood fear that we wouldn’t be able to find the place again has sadly come true, but thanks to you we will do our best to recreate the fritter. Stephenson’s FOREVER.

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