February Bread Challenge: Focaccia

Last month I shared with you that I am participating in LittleFarmFolk’s #MAKEBREAD365 challenge. In January we made everyday sandwich bread and my choice was oatmeal bread. You can read all about that here. The February challenge is focaccia which is a large, flat Italian bread sprinkled with olive oil, salt and often herbs. AnContinue reading “February Bread Challenge: Focaccia”

Stephenson’s Apple Fritter Recipe and more

I have written before about my love for the old Stephenson’s Apple Orchard and Restaurant which closed several years ago. You can read about that here. Thanks to a friend I found a new apple orchard that I also love, Johnson Farms in Belton, Missouri. They are much more than an apple orchard, and areContinue reading “Stephenson’s Apple Fritter Recipe and more”

Air Fryer Attempts: Potato Chips and Donuts

My sister and her husband love their air fryer so much that they upgraded to a bigger model and lent me their original one to try out for myself.  We have made pork chops, onion rings, fish and a few other things.  Most have been pretty good.  The air fryer does a great job onContinue reading “Air Fryer Attempts: Potato Chips and Donuts”

The Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make

My mom loved to bake bread.  Every Sunday we would have either a loaf of homemade bread, cloverleaf rolls, cinnamon rolls or my favorite, cinnamon bread. She never used a recipe, just magically produced those delightful treats off the top of her head.  When I became an adult I made her come to my houseContinue reading “The Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make”

Challenge Accepted: Mini Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pies

Have you ever visited the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction?  I have been a regular reader for a few years and love all her recipes and beautiful photography.  I must admit that I have been much more of a reader than a baker but this year I decided to up my baking game by participating in Sally’sContinue reading “Challenge Accepted: Mini Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pies”