NYC or My Evening with Adam Levine

I thought that title might pull a few of you in… be honest, I visited NYC for work last week and Maroon 5 was the featured event at the conference I attended.   I really did get to spend the evening with Adam it just happened to be along with about 5000 of the other conferenceContinue reading “NYC or My Evening with Adam Levine”

Trip Report – Magnolia Market

If you follow me on facebook then you know that on our last trip to Houston we stopped in Waco, Texas to visit the Magnolia Market, the retail establishment of Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame. Source I had heard that on the weekends the area was very crowded and that you need toContinue reading “Trip Report – Magnolia Market”

Field Trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company

A few weeks ago by sister, brother-in-law, Dave and I took a day trip about an hour or so north of Kansas City to a small town called Hamilton, Missouri.  Prior to 2008, this small town was best known for it’s most famous son, J.C. Penney, a retailer and philanthropist. In late 2008, a phenonomonContinue reading “Field Trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company”

Investigative Shopper|At Home

Our little town of Lee’s Summit will soon be getting a new store called ‘At Home.’  This national chain of stores used to be known as Garden Ridge.  Although there were Garden Ridge stores in our metropolitan area, I had never visited one so when I noticed an ‘At Home’ store during my stay inContinue reading “Investigative Shopper|At Home”

P is for Piropos

Over three years ago a group of long time friends decided to start the ABC Dinner Club which is a structured approach to discovering new restaurants and branching out from our old favorites.  We are eating our way across Kansas City one alphabet letter at a time. Every few months we select a restaurant atContinue reading “P is for Piropos”

Road Trip to Houston: Levi, Ikea and Food Trucks

The hubby and I took off a couple of weeks ago and headed south to visit  our daughter, son-in-law and this precious baby.  (I am not at all biased!) We had so much fun watching Levi crawl and pull up on anything he could find, including Percy his dog.  Speaking of Percy, she has foundContinue reading “Road Trip to Houston: Levi, Ikea and Food Trucks”

In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.

Name that song!   I think I have finally found my Christmas spirit this year and I am ready for the festivities to begin including non-stop Christmas music.  Usually I have started my shopping and thought about my Christmas decorations well before Thanksgiving, but this year I am a little behind.  Last night we wentContinue reading “In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.”